Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Delegate that shit!

ever have one of those days u feel good about - just real solid? like u knocked it out of the park? a real homerun? i didn't  have one of those days. but i did have a day that i felt decent about. maybe like a solid double. whatever. this is all neither here nor there.  let me show you what my prime accomplishment was today:

and i didnt even have to use my fingers to type a single thing...well except i guess for dialing the phone to my assistant, and then the thank you email when she finished. prime work product the result of a solid relationship with a delegatee and my own ADD-esque meandering mind.  I also accomplished:
  • my taxes
  • practiced my third language
  • practiced my fourth language
  • got in at 10:30 AM, left at 4:30PM
  • billed 7 hours
  • kicked some dude's ass in squash
here's how:
  • taxes: delegated to our firm's tax preparer. i think most firms have them. unless you have super tricky things you want to do on your taxes (and by tricky, i mean monkey with the IRS - which can be done...but this is probably for another blog...) get them to do it! i don't need to do any real paperwork, just answer questions online (which i did) then sign when it's done. and most of the questions i delegated to my assistant.
  • 3d language: my assistant has a different native tongue than mine that i know a little of. so i cut a deal with her - half the days we communicate in that language and since i interact with her every day several times a day sometimes, get practice for free and without incurring any 'extra' time. (i also picked up this old book i found from the 70s that we look at sometimes; it has such useful phrases as "can LSD kill a person?", "although marijuana couldn't poison anybody, you would be muddle-headed if you took too much of it" and "you said that your yacht was sunk. is that true?" - ah the humble beginnings of the quintessential lawyer lexicon.)
  • 4th language: i ended up playing golf with one of my friend's mom, who is not native to this country. now we play occasionally but since she found out i can read and write some her language, all our emails are in that language. she loves it because there are not too many people here that speak or write to her in her language and about golf, and i get to set up golf outings at places i wouldn't normally go.
  • 10:30AM - was actually going to take my 10:30 call from home, but got a call at 10:25 (when i was still in my apartment) that i should go to the partner's office for the call. usually this would be a bit problematic, despite me being ten minutes door to door from the office. i wrote back to say i was hung up on something else and would be a few minutes late, and walked into his office at 10:35. call was delayed by ten minutes anyway, as almost all calls are with more than 3 parties. pushed all my non-essential work to the next day or delegated it to our word processor to run overnight so i had the next morning (e.g., i had to review some comfort letters, but didn't want to bother looking at all the precedents from the auditor, the sas72 std or icma or whatever, so i just grabbed em all, and told our word processor to run blacklines converting all the pdfs and just send them to me in the am), and by 4:30 i was out...like a boner in a speedo.
  • 10:30 - 4:30 is only 6 hours you say. but i billed about an hour of time after i left, more or less, checking emails, writing emails...thinking about the law...haha jk. but ya.
  • kicking some dude's ass in squash - with style and finesse.
so as u can see, had a very productive day, even though many of my prime accomplishments were basically outsourced, and other things i didn't really have to 'make' extra time for, so had plenty of time to do my own thing. even had time to blog about it.

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