Friday, March 25, 2011

Playing Hooky II

i was just having drinking wiht an exbanker and she had this cool tip she used to use that i never thought of (or really had to use cuz i work in a pretty warm place)  but if u work in a place where its pretty essential that u have a coat and want to skip out early but need that coat but dont want to be seen 'leaving' - or a bag or whatever stuff you have. they would 'fedex' it. they woudl stuff it all into a fedex box, and run out the door sometime before fedex closed - like 5:30 or osmething? then it just looks like u r running to meet the deadline! u cd parlay this into other thigns too maybe more pertinent to the law - running to meet a dtc deadline, running to a client meeting, jury thing works tho cuz u get to carry a box!

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