Friday, April 22, 2011

Live a Little

The other day i saw one of my banker buddies walkin back with his coworkers to theiroffice, which is near mine.  He was carrying his lunch - a bag of mouth-watering burger king.

which, by the way, shld not be confused with whataburger, which my uncle in his quasifucked up accent/drawl calls "waterburger":

but anyway, i says to him, "healthy lunch, prick". i call all my banker friends pricks just so they don't forget. and then he goes, in his typical hifalutin tone, "dude, LIVE A LITTLE!"....

i'm not really a health freak, and i was more or less joking when i said that to him, much like when i say much of anything to anyone, but his retort was no joke...i think he was fucking serious.  which at first struck me as ridiculously, flabbergastingly, flubberfuckingly, odd. but then i thought, for a lot of people in our industry, "financial investors", professionals, corporate monkeys....we have so little time and so much stress and ire, our "live a little" often is relegated to shit like eating an occasional burger, going on a 'hike', eating indian food, taking the bus instead of a car, walking down street x instead of street y, jacking off with ur left hand, whatever. and  for risk-averse lawyers, who are too shitless scared to do anything wrong lest they be fired (really is someone going to fire you if you forget to insert commas in the right places in that prospectus or check that all the defined terms fit together correctly), i think this issue is just compounded. i would say to them, "live a lot more".  it's about priorities. i've seen people cancel dinner plans, postpone vacations, have their "family time" at the office or just basically do nothing different because they just cannot fathom leaving their little desks or their little headsets or fucking blakberries.  this job can give u a lot of flexibility, but so many ppl dont work it. just fuckin work it already. we're not office monkeys that need to stay at our desks 9-5 otw we will really get fired; we get paid a butload of cash to be around most of the time and pretend we create value for people that don't really care. so advice: if it's nice out, go grab some beer an oysters by the pier, have a drink outside or play some tennis - fuck work; if ur tired, go home and sleep, fuck work; if u wanna go away for a weekend and are afraid that maybe you have to do some work...fuck the work; if it's 4/20 and u feel like celebrating, light it up and fuck work; if it's late at night and ur stuck at the office for some reason and ur too lazy to go the bathroom, pee in ur trash can, live a little.


  1. Praises to the CML...

  2. academic monkeyApril 25, 2011

    Live a little by eating BK. That's super grim.


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