Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Played Tennis Today

Got some hooky today.  haha not that kind get ur mind outta the gutter, son.  so yesterday, i had a late meeting with clients, and then after the meeting i had to revise our transaction documents based on the meeting, so i was in the office kinda late - close to midnight.  and the next day i knew that the people i was working with were going out of town on a business trip, it was a beautiful day, so i just decided to play hooky and called up my friend who works at a startup to go play tennis.  officially though, i was "working from home". not like anyone was looking for me anyway, and i knew this.  got up at 11 , made some eggs, did some work on my laptop, took a call from my bb, watched some tv, then played tennis in the afternoon while the sun was out, worked on my personalstuff ...etc. fucking gorgeous fantastic day. some more work came in at night but just half assed from home while i watched optimus prime seriously fuck up bonecrusher. i ended up billing 8 hours today but i swear i cldnt feel a single pineapple in my anus. sweet.


  1. So I'm curious...could you post/summarize your time sheet for that day (with confidential information redacted). That's amazing you were still able to bill 8 hours.

  2. Randy MarshApril 14, 2011

    Nice try, CML's boss.

  3. haha well i'll give you an example that i did a while ago. it was actually a really busy time, i had had meetings for days and that day i had a meeting from 8am to about 3pm out of the office. it was a senior dude, me and one other person about my level - the senior person left the meeting early and i just told the other guy afterwards that i was going just go back to the office separately. i just went home, called up my friend, who was also playing hooky that afternoon cuz it was so nice, and we played tennis for an hour. by then, it was like almost 5, so i just went back home again and worked from home. no one was really looking for me cuz they assumed i was out at meetings or just busy etc who knows. thing is when it's super busy like this, ppl r sometimes too busy to check. i was on like five really active deals with all different people. and seriously, one hour away who the fuck cares. some people spend an hour takin smoke breaks outside, eating lunch, watching youtube watever. i even surprised myself that day i had been billing like 15 hour days and managed just to get out (and my tennis partner also was pretty surprised at us both). but anyway, that day, i billed 7.5 hours for the meeting (including travel time) + about 3.5 hrs working from home over the course of the night.

    and while i think this type of 'nouveau-prioritization' is (a) tough to wrap one's head around sometimes and (b) especially tough to pull off when u r super busy (literally i was texting my tennis partner up til 2:55pm giving her updates as to whether my meeting was going to end or not), i think ur question might have been more about on easy days, how i can still manage to bill and take it easy. i think on those days, while i may not have a lot to do, when i do work from home, everything takes longer, so naturally bill a bit more. so for a day like the one in the post, probably bill about 3-4 hrs in the morning (the call, checking email, half worked half tv-ing or whatever - but essentially working the whole time per my concept of billing), and then another 4-5 hrs in the evening (i think i slept by around midnight) - again not solid work, but watching a movie with my comp open, typing some stuff, emails via bb, working on stuff, responding to client emails, cleaning up some documents, creating issues lists, drafting prospectusesses, throwing shit at auditors..shit adds up man. maybe i could have done it faster if i were in the office sitting on a pineapple crankin the shit out, but some days i just dont wanna be in the office. i mean even if i dont play tennis but catch a drink with a friend in the middle of the day at some outdoor bar by the ocean or something, sometimes ive taken calls from there or brought some reading or something - so u get to have ur cake and eat that shit too

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