Sunday, April 17, 2011

Playing Hooky III

ok so i was out hiking with one of my banker friends (i have a bunch) - altho he vehemently insists he is a "financial investor".....  tomatoes tomatoes. we were chatting and came up with some other decent trix he and his buddies used to use when trying to fool ppl into thinking u r still around. the "cheap wallet": get a cheap wallet, stuff a few random notes and old id cards or something in there and leave it in plain view on ur desk. careful u don't work with kleptos u might lose ur shit. the "extra keys": leave some random keys u have on ur desk. u CANT be gone without ur keys.  the "bb": leave ur bb on ur desk.  one time i did this by accident, and not only did ppl still think was around, but i didnt have to fucking check my blackberry all night. i dont have a home phone either so no one could fucking reach me it was awesome. (what happens when people ask why u ddin't respond to emails or calls? - "oh shit sorry i thought i lost my bb last night! turns out i [dropped it in the shitter]" or whatever. make sure to turn off ur alarm or ringer if u leave it tho u dont wanna draw too much attention to urself if it starts ringin in the middle of the night or goes off early in the morning.

for maximum effect, if u have a night secretary u r on decent terms with, best would be to email her late at night like at around 11pm or something and just tell her to go to ur office and take ur wallet/keys/etc what u accidentally left behind and put it in ur desk or whatever for u cuz u dont want people to steal it.

this is probably not as effective as the fedex cuz it only really works if people come by ur office looking for u, rather than in a bank where they have open seating and people will always see whether u r there or not. but every lil bit counts

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  1. Clutch recommendations, CML. The keys are really a nice touch!


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