Tuesday, June 7, 2011


Okay so you've successfully dished off, escaped and dodged all ur work, its a chill day and u have shit to do. what do u if u r in the office, have nothing to do, but for whatever crazy fucking reason, dont want to b a man...and go play golf.

here are some ideas about shit u can do around the office that's fun. do i speak from experience? perhaps. do i advocate for every person? absolutely not. just some cool cats. in no particular order:
  • get psyched optimus prime coming back to fuck the shit out of some decepticoncs
  • watch optimus prime fuck the shit out of some deceptiocns previously
  • get psyched about what video game ull get next 
  • play flash games
  • make wild bets on the stock market (for those of you that have restrictions on buying and selling equity securities or otherwise, grow a pair. unless u r trading at the levels that would rise to the level of some actual government scrutiny or u r actually trading on mnpi then it is not gonna matter and no one will notice. ive known people who hapen to own stock in companies they do deals for and the partners have said dont even worry about any conflicts cuz the ownership is so far under 1% not even trump wd give u the time of day. AND, if u really are scared, u can probably trade options or other derivatives regardless)
  • start a startup, thas how tim ferris did it
  • have some environmentally friendly snacks (note i actually have a much better preparation but thas somewhat of a trade secret)
  • read the "news", the newz, the newz, the news or something funny 
  • watch zach galiflangikaialksias come on inappropriately to natalie portman or charlize theron unfairly lead the fat bastard on
  • watch some of the greatest shows on tv
  • drink; get drunk
  • read a blog, and if ur a chick and want to know how ur supposed to dress to give all ur bosses hardons at ur summer job, read this blog ('professionally' put together blog with plenty of nice pictures)
  • lock urself in a bathroom stall and play games on ur bb
  • avoid eye contact, do a typing test
  • nap under ur desk
  • go hang out with other monkeys in ur office
  • call up old friends
  • learn to become an epic wingman
  • horde office supplies
  • doodle
  • uh...leave the fuckin office! :o


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