Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Beautiful Days: throw that shit on the GROUND.

It's a fucking beautiful day today. It's days like today that make me cry when i'm sitting at my desk hurling monkey shit at other monkeys. a porcine partner came by today to talk to me about how proud he was and my prospects for hurling monkey shit at other monkeys in the future, how good i was at aiming the shit, how my shits were the smelliest, how i could crank out the most shit per day. something like that. all i could think about was the warm sun coming in through my office window, taunting me with its ebullient glow and soul-warming radiance. so fuck him, i took the shit i was working on, and u kno wat i did? i threw it on the GROUND. and now im gonna play some fucking tennis. ya. markets are in the shitter. not much is going on . if there is any time to relzize that balance is missing in ur life and to qstion whether lickin ur own butthole (i.e., work) is wroth whatevr it is ur suposed to get out of it? it is this type of day. so next time it hapens to u, just ask yosefl - u have two choices: (a) stay at ur desk, bitch and cuss and whine, leave at 7 go home pissy stuff ur face with regret and sorrow and get up yet another meiserable cml or (b) throw it on the ground and play tennis. i threw it on the gorund.


  1. Monkey,

    If one were interested in some more personal mentoring, is there any way that said primate could send CML and email?

  2. sure dude...email me at corporatemonkeylawyer[at]gmail


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