Monday, August 29, 2011

Leaving the Law - what the people's rapist can teach us

i think ive linked to this site before. he has some intersting articles it's an ex lawyer turned therapist writing about havin ga stress free life andshit. isn't it funny how there are so many successful ex-lawyers. just goes to show you how successful u can be as an ex-lawyer... and not a lawyer. just thinking off the top o my noggin (supplementd by verifigooglin).

Successful Ex-Lawyers
  • the peoples rapist dude
  • there was a dude who was a lawyer in the bay area or something and then bought a winery in the 70s/80s and went ont o be a big hoohaa. i think it was this guy but v possible there was more than one
  • there was the chick who became a baker. a lil searching and it turns out that basically fucking every lawyer has turned into a baker. (and just fo good measure the atl link has a nice quip from scalia about how cmls - im sure this is esp true for cmls - are worth less turd chuckers)
  • adam, the winner of australia's masterchef 2010 - i watched this it was prety exciting. who knows what kind of law he idd but he fucking kicks ass at cooking. there was a nother lawyer who was in the top 3 too. kind of ironic isn't it how at the bgeinng of their career, associates are stuck dealing with the rancid excrementory byproduct of what they gravitate towards making after they leave. obvi theres a strak realization or epiphone that many have that one wd rather be a producer than a composter. on a side note, i was sitting by a refuse centre the other day and saw some dude, shirtless and in shorts, withotu a mask, dealing with the foul shit that is our trash, for like an hour. and i tht to myself, i m pretty sure he doesnt complain as much as we do.
  • this dude. maybe its something about aussies. or spartans. or awesomeness.

  • that millionaire dude who got rich on a ponzi scheme. unftly i kno bout hiim cuz he got caught. dunno if that coutns as 'successful'. but at least he was out doin somethin for himself! 
  • this dude. he never actually practiced except as a summer i think. and not sure how 'successful' he is either....

  • there was that chick who like turned into a playboy bunnie or protnstar or something. ah yes, playboy bunny it is.
  • that dude on law n order - not dick wolf (altho dick did go to my one o my alma mater's rivals. does that mean anythign?) but that guy last name thompson...who plays a lawyer. u kno wat they say, if u cant hack as the real thing, just pretend to be one, get paid more, and become a senator. or somethign liek taht. at least he didnt end up president and get int he middle of a shit crossfire...
  • john grisham
  • the House writer guy. did some research, turns out he even went to harvard, and in true harvard fashion, made up his mind to quit what he was 'studying' before he even startd. good boy. 
anyway, u get the idea. lawyrsr whien and complain a lot. and they either (a) wimp out and stay miserable or (b) grow a pair  and do some awesome shit that enriches the world, like make fatty foods, make exciting law moveis, say 'fuck off' to the persians, produce House, capitulate to republicans, etc. yall got it in u. when its ur time b inspired and do sometin awesome.  as for me, in a yr hopefully ill be eitehr: making nadal and federer shit themselves in public - id settle for ramy ashour tho (ok may b a bit too old for this but even mlk had a crazy dream adn we were born on the same day); the next not the golfer, literally i want to be a tiger fuckface; or on da jabowockeez  (u need to watch that fuckin awesome) crwew... or even this crew....damn thad be hot (just need to learn..ahem practice my bboy moves first).

o and in case u were wondering.

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