Monday, September 26, 2011

Lifespan of a CML

A lawyer once told me that he saw his career split into several stages:

  1. Document stage: when you're a junior, you review docs, you do diligence, you draft
  2. Lawyer stage: as you become more senior, you negotiate, you deal with other lawyers across the table and under you
  3. Client stage: as the boss, you deal with clients, you get clients, you maintain clients
Maybe in the older days. I think now its more like:
  1. Document and Shit stage: yes you do start witha lot of docs. but you also start wiht a perpetual, paralyzing fear that you are never good enough, you have to get things down two hours ago all the time, and so, undoubtedly, shit ur pants.
  2. Client, Lawyer, Document and Shit stage: let's b serious. u alwys look at docs. u always end up drafting. i've seen even junior partners draft. u also now deal with other lawyers, lawyers above you, lawyers below you lawyers across from u from across teh world even. its a fucking lawyer orgy. and clieints. dont get me started. they go apeshit at the drop of a hat. at u. because they cant fuck with their good old friend the partner. there's gotta be a sscape goat. o i should call this the scapegoat intensive stage. and for al these reasons, you STILL shit ur pants.
  3. Boss stage: no one watches over ur shldr anymore. u dish shit off and do whatever the fuck u want. call corporate. get raises. do coke. buy a gun. shit on peoples' desks. chpo ur balls off. fuck a fish. turn into a rocket. fly into the sun. y? cuz u da boss! its true dude, i saw it.


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