Friday, October 14, 2011

Liking your job

I had dinner with some extended family that was visiting town the other day. actually i never remembered meeting these people, i think they knew me when i was too young to wipe my own butt. but our parents put us in touch so i met them. the wife, my, uh...second or third cousin maybe or aunt i can't tell, anyway she's my relative, and her husband, is this dude - very gregarious, amicable, doesn't swear, scottish descent and apparently likes to drink but seems very normal. looks very healthy. but most importantly, he also looked fucking happy. we were talking about sports and activities and i was complaining about my health issues and sports injuriies and i thought we wd have a perfect comiseration moment but he scoffed at me cuz of our age difference, which until that moment, i didnt realize was so large. he said he was truning 46 next week, and i was fucking floored. the dude looked like he was ten or fifteen years young er than that. and it's not like he's a professional hammock tester or has some other cush job in an objective sense, he has to travel like 20 weeks out of the year all over the world, but he found something that really suit s his personality. that and he lives in oregon. so he's happy. u look at lawyers who age 20 years in 5 and yes part of it is objective job-related stress, but i think a bigger part of it is the stress of pushing the square peg that is most lawyers' true personality into the dildo-shaped hole that is a cml's jobn, amnd  u will be wise to note the implication of the metaphor here is that for this to work, ur persnaolity must in fact be shaped liek a dildo. think about it. how many people in ur law school class actually admitted they were there cuz they wanted to be a lawyer? yet how many go into cml jobs. instead of law school, they should just call it dildo school, and then ppl will be better poised to determine whether they actually want to be a dildo and better equipped to handle the stress...assuming, again, of course, that they all have brought their dildo shaped spirits. so think about it. i am.

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