Thursday, November 17, 2011

Working Remotely

just saw this - some FC tips on working remotely - not as applicable to professionals but some common sense points for those cml's who maybe short on it. or just whatever

places i have worked remotely from:

  • home
  • to and from home
  • other people's homes
  • public transportation
  • beaches
  • beaches in other countries
  • golf course
  • squash/tennis courts
  • restaurants
  • treadmill
  • in a meeting (for another deal)
  • CLE presentations
  • sidewalk
basically anywhere. u might be thinking, 'wtf why wd i want to work from a beach or restaurant or whatever - defeats the purpose!' and well u'd be absolutely unclefuckingly correct my astute simian slave, but then ask urself this, wat if u were on a beach, golf course or treadmill when u were actually supposed to be at ur desk. mu. ha. ha. just remember: bb + headset + delegates + a little creativity = sugar...and, in america, u all know wat sugar leads to...or if u dont:

so ditch that crapehanging dogsbody attitude and get with the pizrogram

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