Friday, December 16, 2011

Playing Hooky VI

here's anoterh tip for all u slackers that like to get in late/leave early, especialy if ppl have 'caught' on to ur other gags.  u know how conv wisdom is that u shld always bring a pen + paper with u to meetings? not always true but especially true when ur not going to a meeting but want ppl to think u are. or that u came from one! strolling in at 11? if u come out of the elevator and someone sees u it's a bit suspicious, especially if it's a slow week/month/year even if you don thave a breifcase or a coat, BUT if you r carrying a notepad and a pen tucked away behind ur year, u don't even have to say a word, just point ot he pad with ur pen, and then piont to the pen with your pen 15, and say 'fuck off, mr. x'. or if ur leaving at 5:30 because u just cdlnt draw urself away from ur fatnasy football dealings to duck out at 4:30, pull the same gag.

notwithstanding the above, i wd add that when someone, especially an associate who is not a douche (but usually young) questions you about what u r doing, i dont feel the need to be misleading or untruthful. part of the point of my ramblings is hopefully to get people all ont he same boat so it doesnt become so counterculture to do things that make sense, however nonsensical that already is, and to make it so that the douchebags who would tattle on us are really the quislers, not the hardworking hookers, and by hookers, i mean monkeys that play hoooky. like the other day, some young affable fellow caught me in the elevator as i was leaving, at 7 no less, and asked me if i was goign to the gym. it was a slow month. hlaf the office was already gone. i had a blank stare. i said, fuck that, im going home. i redirected (hoping hed take my lead - it was somewhat obvious he had his coat on tetc) he said he was going to dinner. foul! excuse is fine when u r really dodging some work but when its obvious everyone is gone, i dont think its necessary to perpetuate the farce - at least among colleagues. it just makes it less acceptable, when it shld be perfectuly acceptble to dissapear when there's no need to be apparent in the first place. fuck half the partners aren't even around. even their fucking secretaries aren't around (idont know why tho they prolly should).

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  1. " then piont to the pen with your pen 15"

    Killed it!


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