Thursday, October 18, 2012


Occasionally, I do some pro bono work.  We don't have too many options as corporate lawyers, but take what is available.  I assist refugee asylum seekers with their cases in front of the UN primarily.  While we generally, and I personally, know little to none about the asylum recognition process, most asylum seekers know less, don't speak English, and would definitely be worse off without someone helping them (unless of course you are some weird douchebag and have signed up for a pro bono case and then doing a terrible job for some reason that fucks him/her over...don't do that.  Anyway, during my last meeting with my most recent client, I caught myself saying the following to him, "So, I just want to clarify some details about your testimony: when you talk about how you were kidnapped, wrongfully sentenced to death and then narrowly escaped while they were taking you to be executed...."  And I thought in my head, "holy shit; I never thought I would ever say those words to someone...."  Ain't that the truth.  So next time you bitch about how your life sucks because you were working until 3 a.m. processing some stupid hand markup, or because your client/boss gives you shit...chew on some perspective man, it could be worse. a lot worse.